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St. Catherine University Statement on Inclusive Excellence

Inspired by our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Catherine University is committed to academic excellence and educating women to lead and influence in a community characterized by respect for human dignity, 股本, 和团结. The mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, "love of God and the dear neighbor without distinction," impels us to respond to the most urgent needs of society. We do this through intellectual inquiry which results in transformative 领导 for action.

We work to create a community and a world in which race, 种族, 国籍, socioeconomic status, 能力, 性别, 性别 identity and expression, sexual orientation, 宗教, and other forms of human difference are neither sources of prejudice nor barriers to equal access, 机会, 表示, 和机构. Human diversity is a strength.

St. Catherine University acknowledges the historic and current oppression of people based on various intersecting identities. Dismantling the oppression that creates barriers for marginalized people begins by understanding the policies and practices that keep oppression in place, and then acknowledging that we have much work to do. It is not enough to simply denounce oppression. Instead, we must actively address it in the ways that we live, work, and learn. 为此,圣. Catherine University works for 股本 and inclusion within and beyond the classroom and workplace.

As citizens of a diverse world, our university is committed to reflecting this diversity in our students, 教师, 工作人员, 管理员, Board of Trustees and alumni in participation, 政策, 领导, and 股本 in opportunities. Our understanding of and respect for human differences is integral to a liberal arts education and preparation for a diverse workforce. Our community challenges itself to be welcoming and respectful, while interacting effectively, 敏感, and with humility in an increasingly diverse, 全球社区. All members of our community should have equitable access to education, 安全, 护理, and 护理er regardless of status, 位置, 或特权. This is our collective work.

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